Test Series

We will conduct Prelim and Mains Test Series every month till the date of the Prelim and Mains exam, and it will be divided it into 3 parts easy, moderate, and tough based on various criteria as the course goes on. We do provide 30 Test Series of GS and CSAT for both online and offline students along with the paper discussion are done module wise with our experts from various subjects and Ex- IAS/ IPS.

We do test the student IQ and try to make every student exam ready as the toughness of the paper increases day by day as the exam date schedules, and we try to make the student tough enough to take the exam without fear.

Motto behind Test Series:

As since 2011 the prelim exam pattern has been changed and the marks criteria has been changed in recent times, as of now one should qualify in CSAT with 33% of marks out of 200 which is 66, which decided the chances of qualifying in prelim.

And in GS one should try to score in between 100-110 as of general category students, in this case the students should plan each paper in a very particular manner where the smartness of the students plays a vital role in clearing the prelim exam. So our motto is to make the student smart enough to handle the paper toughness and clear the exam easily with smart work.

To provide a idea about the methodology to be adopted by the students to prepare the subjects according to the new pattern of the exam, so our team of experts explain the test series in the classroom for al the questions by which the student can analyze the various methods in clearing it.

Test Series is the hall mark of our institute where this is prepared by the experts and the most experienced faculty who use the trend of the new pattern and questions to make the students aware of the prelims and mains questions. It includes test series for both regular and online students who can subscribe it via mail or by phone.

  • We will conduct test series for Prelim and Mains exams in the following year.
  • Students can enroll for Test series Program in a minimum cost.
  • Students who enroll for test series will get 20 test series on CSAT and General study for prelims.
  • Revive analysis is done on test series with our expert team of faculties.
  • Our Team have created number of test series since last few years where the questions are from it.
  • Students can enroll for test series hard copies from the office where it cost 2000/- for 10 test papers of CSAT and Gs.
  • The mains test series cost 1500 for each subject.
We provide the following modules for the test series:
  • Prelims GS and CSAT
  • Mains GS 1, 2 , 3 ,4
  • Optional Paper : Geography / Political Science / Sociology
Test Series for Mains:

We do provide the various test series for all subjects in the classroom and online mode where the current year predictable and expected questions from the current affairs are prepared by our team of experts by analyzing all the topics from last 1.5 years.

We will explain the students about the art of writing the answers in the mains and the various methodologies to be followed to write a answer in UPSC standards which make and gives the candidate an edge in mains exam score.

Our team of experts from ex- IAS / IPS and serving officers and already interview cleared faculty will make the students aware of the facts that to be remembered while answering in mains.

Mains Test Series for Postal Study Students:

Students who are enrolling for postal study can also enroll for prelim and Mains Test Series by paying a sum of 1500/- in favor of Maneuver IAS Academy by DD / Online Payment. A 10 set of test series will be provided for each subject which cost 6000/- (All Gs and Optional paper total 6 papers).