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About Us

  • We have great pleasure in conveying our best wishes to all the new entrants, a higher level of competition needs a higher level of training and guidance.

    It is with this aim in mind that the “MANEUVER IAS ACADEMY” has been conceptualized. This institute aims at equipping students facing various competitive exams with the right grooming needed for them to excel with the help of dedicated professional staff and proper atmosphere of learning.

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  • Saarthi has trained and registered professional psychologist those who help individuals, couples, and families in managing stress, improved self-esteem, and emotional well-being.  Saarthi was established in 2014 with an objective to enable positive changes in the lives of people. Saarthi offers counseling services related to a variety of issues, remarriage, marriage, family, children, and adults. Saarthi psychologists facilitate successful training programs, workshops for corporate, NGO’S, schools. Saarthi also offers services for personality development training to students of schools and colleges. We have introduced a learning model SOI (Structure of intellect) for all age groups. It works on 90 cognitive abilities. It is an effective learning tool. There are 5 key domains of SOI.

    • MEMORY

    Traditional education has no longer suffices. Peoples are learning a modern basic skill without understanding or knowing how they correlate to tomorrow’s careers.

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  • SAARTHI, as the name implies, in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna was the saarthi of Arjuna. Krishna was the biggest counselor to Arjuna and entire humankind. We are also trying to make a difference in the quality of life of people with its attitudes, behaviors, and art of counseling. We guide people for the practical ways of dealing with stressful life events and accept the things that you cannot change. We here at SAARTHI, suggest the right ways to deal the situation. Saarthi counseling and the educational institute are committed to accomplishing future dreams.

    • Confidence-gain confidence
    • Excellence- excellence in every area of your life
    • Saarthi equips you to-
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Discuss and resolve issues
    • Develop and attain goals
    • Kids to concentrate on studies
    • Self-development
    • Self-grooming
    • Career-counselling
    • Staying motivated

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